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sam 6 years ago
fuck yeah
sam 6 years ago
fuck that pussy
Pussy lover 6 years ago
Ooooooooooooo fuck it hard
Brian 6 years ago
Imagine a club with table top dancers writhing on a huge long bar For 20 dollars you get to 'taste' your tipple from your finger once you've rubbed it on your chosen dolls nipples over a minute For 50 dollars you can use her cunt!
Brian 3 months ago
Few men could not be aroused. by such a performance. What chance your wife can provide such an exotic sexual experience ..? Highly unlikely especially if she's a lot older and inexpirecenced!!
So is this acceptable?
Actualpoledancer 1 year ago
Point your toes!
Jeeco74 1 year ago
Do you mean if accepted the job in Istanbul as a strip dancer, no one can fuck me on the stage? Is it really safe?